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Coronavirus information


Please take a minute to look at the video link below from the World Health Organisation. Please stay safe and be vigilant about hand washing.



What is Coronovirus

Are you sleeping comfortably?


We spend one third of our life in bed, therefore it is essential we are comfortable and well supported. We all know we should support our lumbar curve when sitting and not slouch, but did you realise we need also to support the cervical curve (the area of the neck between the base of the head and the shoulders) when sleeping. A pillow or pillows that are too high will over flex the neck, whereas a pillow that is too thin will give no support at all. In general if you have problems with your neck it is best to sleep on your sides or back and not on your front. Front sleeping means the neck has to rotate excessively which can aggravate the facet joints leading to pain. Choose a pillow that allows your spine to be in a natural position whether on your side or back. In some cases a molded orthopaedic pillow can be of use which has a curve to support the cervical spine. Our clinic can advise on pillows and has a stock of orthopaedic pillows for sale.

Are you sleeping comfortably?

ARTHRITIS - the 'hidden disease', is it affecting you?


There is wider recognition of the effects of arthritis on people in work in the UK. It is estimated that 10 million people in the UK live with arthritis. Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in the education of people with arthritis in order to make people understand their symptoms, help design bespoke conditioning programmes to minimise pain and maintain independence and function. Our clinic can advise you on treatments and management of your symptoms.

Is arthritis affecting you