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Covid-19 - Changes to our services

Due to the Covid -19 virus we all have to take extra precautions to stay safe.


Our clinic is adhering to strict guidelines from the Government, HSE and our professional bodies, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Physio First.


Our doors have been closed and we have only been providing virtual appointments to date.


However as the lockdown is eased our professional bodies say we can now see small numbers of patients prior to discussion and consent for 'face to face' appointments. This will be limited to patients with very urgent or complex problems where a virtual appointment does not allow best management.


What to expect


Based on all the current guidelines all initial appointments will be 'Virtual'.


Initial 'virtual' appointments allow communication by phone or video without any risk of virus transmission in the comfort of your own home.


Your personal details will be taken and you will be asked questions with regard to the current problem, any underlying health conditions and home conditions. With video calls you will be asked to do certain movements so the physiotherapist can analyse quality and range of movements.


From this the physiotherapist can discuss a treatment plan and you will be given advice and appropriate exercises. The exercises can be emailed/posted to you. The physiotherapist will then discuss with you whether or not a 'face to face' appointment is required and safe to do, or whether to remain with follow up virtual appointments.


'Face to Face' appointments at the clinic


These will only be offered after an initial virtual appointment where it is deemed absolutely necessary and treatment outweighs the risks involved in a face to face appointment.


If you have any of the symptoms of Covid -19, or are clinically vulnerable we cannot offer a face to face appointment.


If any of your household falls into these categories, you must inform us.


You will be made aware of the risks and asked to sign that this had been explained to you.


Our clinic has taken strict measures to provide a “covid- secure” environment as possible, but we cannot state categorically that there is no risk involved.



Measures taken to reduce risk to patients and staff for 'Face to Face' appointments


Patients to arrive on time, not early, and wait before being asked to enter.


Patients to come alone - may only be accompanied in special circumstances with prior agreement from clinic.


Patients to bring their own mask if possible (a mask can be supplied if needed).


Bring own drink/water if needed.


Patients will have temperature taken at the door, they must sanitise their hands at the sanitising station and apply a mask.


Physiotherapists will be in appropriate PPE and will also have had their temperature checked.


Cubicles will be cleaned thoroughly before and after each patient with a 15 minute gap between patients.


Payment - NO CASH, pay by Card contactless, bank transfer or payment over phone.


Patients to sanitise hands on exit from the clinic.